VENTURES (16-18 years)

About Venture Scouts

Venture Scouts is the section of our Association for young people 15 -19 years of age. Venturing offers young people the opportunity to mature and develop themselves through programmes and activities designed by them with adult assistance to suit their needs and expectations.

The programme with a Venture Group is as wide and varied as the group wishes it to be, however it usually falls into the following areas:

• Adventure
• Personal Development
• Skills
• Service
• Social

Ventures normally meet once a week but because most venture units act as a team and think as a team, small informal meetings can also take place outside the weekly meetings.

Activities are the lifeblood of any venture unit and take place regularly. Some of the activities undertaken by ventures units include: Mountaineering, canoeing, camping, service to the community, personal development exercises, orienteering, discos, ice skating, film making and many more.


There are 9 Adventure Skill Badges to work towards and there are 9 levels in each badge.

Normally Scouts would work on Stage 4 of three allocated adventure skill badges each year but the Chief Scout Award needs to earn two stage 6 adventure badges and one stage 7 adventure badges within that year.

Special Interest Badges (SIB’s) allow you to bring personal interests into the Venture Scout programme. There are five basic badges:

see more: Special Interest Badges (PDF)

Personal Skill

This can be any new skill e.g. technical, mechanical, music, drama, arts & crafts.

Physical / Recreation

This is a personal challenge which you set to your own level of fitness. You can start a new sporting activity or improve upon one you are already pursuing. This can range from hillwalking, to aerobics, to horse-riding. This is your challenge so make it something you want.

Adventure / Journey

The sky is the limit with your adventure. It should be something completely new that you have never done before. It can be a mountain you have never climbed or a challenge race. It should also broaden your horizons.

Community Involvement

This should benefit your community around you. Charity starts at home! Helping your community not only gives you great satisfaction but will improve the quality of life of people around you. Are you prepared to make a difference?


As a generation we are exploiting our environment. This is your chance to make a small difference, it can be anything that will even make the slightest change and it can be as imaginative as you want. There are no set requirements. You must select an area, pick a project from within that area and agree with the Venture Executive what you will have to do to complete the project.

Ideally the project must meet the following criteria:

Challenge yourself to learn new skills or develop existing ones.
Help increase your knowledge of the particular area.
Contain a practical element which will benefit others.


‘Fiontar’ is a series of challenges that are based directly on the learning objectives of the SPICES. It gives structure to your Personal Journey during your time in Venture Scouts.

A phase ideally should take place over an eighteen month period, including a break from between three to six months for other areas of the Unit’s programme or Unit Expedition.

Fiontar is a little different to the types of challenges you may have faced in the younger age sections. With Fiontar you yourself must create the challenge to allow you to explore the learning objectives of the SPICES.

There are thirty-six learning objectives, so over the course of your time in Venture Scouts you will undertake thirty-six challenges, eighteen in Phase 1 and eighteen in Phase 2.


Suas (Up)

You will work as part of a team within Crews to develop activities which will allow you to explore the different aspects of the SPICES.

Trasna (Across)

You will lead teams within Crews to develop activities which will allow you to explore the different aspects of the SPICES.


Venture Uniform

The Ventures Uniform and badges can be bought online in the Scout Shop.

Scout Shop

Uniform, Badges & Gear can be purchased online from the Scout Shop

Chief Scout Award

The Venture Scout should be at least 9 months in the Section before they begin their Chief Scout Award; however, they must be at least 16 to begin the Award.


One Special Interest Badge from the “Skill” Area


One Special Interest Badge in the “Physical” Area


One Special Interest Badge from the“Community” Area


One Special Interest Badge from the “Environment” Area

Scout Skill:

Two Adventure Skills to Stage 6; one Adventure Skills to Stage 7


Walking 50 -79 km over 3 consecutive days
and 2 nights


Shared activity with a group in a residential/camp setting for 5 days and 4 nights, must include an intercultural aspect and a community project.

A minimum of 12 months duration (6 months if already holds a Scout Chief Scout Award).


A Special Interest Badge for the Venture Scout Chief Scout Award must involve at least an hour a week for 26 Weeks for Skill, Physical and Community.

For those that do not hold the Scout Chief Scout Award, an additional 26 must be completed for one of these Badges.

The Environment Special Interest Badge should involve a similar a time commitment to the other Badges but it can be spread over a shorter time scale.

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