Uniform & Badges


Uniforms are available to buy online from the scout shop or at their shops in Dublin, Cork and Bray.

You may be able to get some items from your local Group if they run a second-hand scheme. Your child will hopefully spend three years in each section so it’s worth buying large and getting a few years out of it.

>See Scouts and Ventures Uniform and Badges below which is rolled and worn around the neck, closed with a woggle. Typically the necker is presented to your child when they are invested (formal welcome ceremony) into Scouts, so check with your local Scouters about who buys it. Once they have a necker they must wear it to every Scouting event or meeting.

You will also need to get some outdoor gear for your Scout more details here


Beavers Uniform & Badges



Cubs Uniform & Badges
Scouts Uniform & Badges
Ventures Uniform & Badges

Sewing on Badges

Earning a badge took time and effort by your Scout. They should wear them with pride on their uniform. If they are competent with a needle, encourage them to sew them on themselves. Otherwise you will need to do it (or bribe a crafty relative). We’ve tried using fusible heming tape but the badges fall off when machine washed unless securely sewn on. Ideally badges should be sewn on as per the diagrams. If you’re not sure, ask your local Scouter.

About Scouting Badges

There are several types of badges and these will be presented to your Scout when earned. Scouts progress individually so each Scout wears a different selection. Some move with your child when they progress to an older section (e.g. Beavers up to Cubs), other don’t. Old badges can be sewn onto a fleece camp blanket.
  • Group, County and Province badges are awarded to each new Scout
  • Spices Badges – indicate progress in the ONE PROGRAMME/SPICES
  • Adventure Skills – from level 1 to 9 in Camping, HillWalking, BACKWOODS, EMERGENCIES, PADDLING, Air, Sailing, PIONEERING, Rowing – earned for progressing in these skills
  • Special Interests – physical, community, skills, adventure, environment
  • Section badge – shows progress through the sections of Scouting e.g. a Scout who was also a Beaver and a Cub displays the Beaver and Cub section badges
  • Leadership badges – Lodge leader, Sixer, Seconder, Patrol Leader etc earned for leading small teams
  • Special Events – National events (such as JAMÓIGE or JAMBOREES) and some other events award a badge for participation
  • The Chief Scout Award
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