SCOUTS (Age 12-14)

About Scouts

Scouts are young people between 11 and 15 years of age. The section offers young people the opportunity to experience fun, adventure and challenge designed to meet their needs.

Scouts work as members of a Patrol (6 – 8 scouts) within a Scout Troop (4 – 6 Patrols in a Troop). They work with the assistance and guidance of a Scouter. The Patrol System exploits the natural “gang” which young people often subscribe to and by the use of this method the aims of Scouting can easily be achieved.

Scouts meeting weekly and normally lasts for 1½ – 2 hours, these meetings normally take place in the evening or at the weekends. During the meeting scouts take part in activities and challenges designed to train and develop the individual and the patrol so that they can take a fuller and more rewarding part in outdoor adventures.

The following are some of the activities scouts participate in pioneering, camping, rock climbing, hill walking, backwoods cooking, master chef, life skills, water activities etc.

A “Scouts’ Own” Service is a simple service for scouts held generally on camp. “A service by Scouts for Scouts” wherein the purpose is worship and thanksgiving. The service should be simple with a happy atmosphere. The prayers, readings or reflections should not be long and an opportunity should be made to “gather up” a number of thoughts i.e. Let us remember all the things for which we want to thank God today, especially … Let us pray for … perhaps a sick scout or a family member or a special cause etc..


There are 9 Adventure Skill Badges to work towards and there are 9 levels in each badge. Normally Scouts would work on Stage 3 of three allocated adventure skill badges each year but the Chief Scout Award (Scouts) needs to earn two stage 2 adventure badges and two stage 4 adventure badges within that year.

Year 1: Crean Terra Nova Award

Year 2: Crean Endurance Award

Year 3: Crean Polar Award

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Scout Uniform

The Scout Uniform and badges can be bought online in the Scout Shop.

Scout Shop

Uniform, Badges & Gear can be purchased online from the Scout Shop

Chief Scout Award

Scouts must be at least 14 to begin the award. A minimum of 10 months duration.


One Special Interest Badge from the “Skill” Area


One Special Interest Badge in the “Physical” Area


One Special Interest Badge from the
“Community” Area


One Special Interest Badge from the “Environment” Area

Scout Skill:

Two Adventure Skills to Stage 4; one Adventure Skills to Stage 6


Walking 25 -35 km over 2
consecutive days and one night


Shared activity with a group in a residential/camp setting for 4 days and 3 nights, must include an intercultural aspect and a community project


A Special Interest Badge for the Scout Chief Scout Award must involve at least an hour a week for 13 Weeks for Skill, Physical and Community. Also, an additional 13 weeks must be completed for one of these Badges.

The Environment Special Interest Badge should involve a similar a time commitment to the other Badges but it can be spread over a shorter time scale.

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