CUBS (9-11 years)

About Cub Scouts

Cub Scouting is a fun and adventurous programme for young people 8 – 11 years of age. Cub Scouts are encouraged to work, play and grow together through a programme of games, crafts, nature study and activities in the outdoors, designed to match the vivid imagination of young people of this age.

As a cub scout a young person becomes a member of a “Six” (a group of up to 6 cubs) within a Cub Pack (5 / 6 sixes).

Cub Scouting is about fun, adventure and challenge but it is also about learning by doing. This is achieved in a number of ways:

Working in small groups (sixes).

Projects (sometimes with parental help)

Fun and adventurous activities designed to reinforce skills gained as part of the programme.

Using the Progress Scheme

The following are an example of the type of activities that cub scouts get involved in:

Hiking, Pioneering, water activities, Community Activities eg. Tidy Towns, Acts of Kindness, Camping, visits to local groups or organisations, arts and crafts.


Year 1: The TURAS Award


Year 2: The TAISTEAL Award

Year 3: The TAGANN Award


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There are 9 Adventure Skill Badges to work towards and there are 9 levels in each badge, normally Cub Scouts would work on Stage 1 of three allocated adventure skill badges each year.

Cubs Uniform

The Cubs Uniform and badges can be bought online in the Scout Shop.

Scout Shop

Uniform, Badges & Gear can be purchased online from the Scout Shop

Cub Chief Scout Award

A Cub Scout should be in their final year in the section when they Start/complete the Cub Chief Scout Award.

A minimum of 9 months duration


One Special Interest Badge from the “Skill” Area


One Special Interest Badge in the “Physical” Area


One Special Interest Badge from the “Community” Area


One Special Interest Badge from the “Environment” Area

Scout Skill:

Two Adventure Skills to Stage 2, one Adventure Skill to Stage 4


Walking 20 Km over an 8 hour day


Residential/Intercultural: Shared activity with a group in a residential/camp setting for 3 days and 2 nights, must include an intercultural aspect


Cubs Yearly Awards

Year 1: The Turas Award
Year 2: The Taisteal Award
Year 3: The Tagann Award

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