BEAVERS (6-8 years)

About Beaver Scouts

Beaver Scouts are our Junior Section for 6 – 8 year olds who meet in a group called a Lodge, each Lodge would have a Lodge Leader and a Scouter to help.

The Beaver Scout Programme is designed to meet the needs of young people of this age group. The emphasis is on meeting and interacting with young people of the same age in a programme based around fun and discovery.

Beaver Scouts work towards the same ideals as the other Scout Sections (Cub Scouts, Scouts & Venture Scouts) that seek to develop the young person physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. When a young person joins a Beaver Section they make a promise which states

“I promise to do my best, to be a good Beaver Scout; to love God and to love one another”.

Some Beaver activities include: Hiking, Slumber Nights, Pioneering, Kayaking, Camping, Crafts, Halloween Party and taking part in various County Events.



Year 1: The BREE Journey

Year 2: The RUARC Journey

Year 3: The CONN Journey

There are 9 Adventure Skill Badges to work towards and there are 9 levels in each badge, normally Beaver Scouts would work on Stage 1 of three allocated adventure skill badges each year.

Year 1: The BREE Journey

Bree is the First stage on the Beaver Scout adventure.

Year 2: The RUARC Journey

Ruarc is the Second stage on the Beaver Scout adventure.

Year 3: The CONN Journey
Conn is the Third stage on the Beaver Scout adventure.


Beaver Uniform

The Beaver Uniform and badges can be bought online in the Scout Shop.

Scout Shop

Uniform, Badges & Gear can be purchased online from the Scout Shop

Beaver Chief Scout Award

A Beaver Scout should be in their final year in the section when they Start/complete the Beaver Scout Chief Scout Award.

A minimum of 6 months duration


One Special Interest Badge from the “Skill” Area


One Special Interest Badge in the “Physical” Area


One Special Interest Badge from the “Community” Area


One Special Interest Badge from the “Environment” Area

Scout Skill:

Two Adventure Skills to Stage 2


Walking 10 Km over a 6 hour day


Shared activity with a group in a residential/camp setting for 2 days and 1 night, and find out about different cultures


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