About Abbey Duniry Scouts


The Story of 30th Galway Abbey Duniry Scout Group ….thus far!

(2007 – 2017)

On a wet, balmy Monday evening in May 2010, Abbey-Duniry Scout Group officially became the 30th Scout Group in Co Galway.  On that evening, May 31st , the World Scouting flag, the Irish flag and the Galway flag were proudly raised and stood alongside our 25 Beavers, 20 Cubs and 16 Leaders, parents and members if the wider community in Abbey Community Centre. Left hand shakes were formally given from the invited dignitaries from Scouting Ireland, the Scouting Western Province and our neighbouring Scouting Groups, 10th Galway Portumna, 6th Galway Killimor and 27th Galway Carrabane marking this as a historic and joyous occasion. Our rural troop in East Galway had taken it’s place alongside Scout Groups all over the world.


But the story of the group began three years earlier. Mary Hynes made a casual phone call to Brendan Murray, the then Group Leader of 10th Portumna to book a place for her son Liam in the Beaver Section. Due to a waiting list for places Brendan could not accept Liam but he spoke so enthusiastically about the positivity of Scouting that he encouraged Mary to set about establishing a Scout Group in the Abbey -Duniry area. On August 23rd 2007 the first Scout meeting took place in Holohan’s Bar attended by Mike Sheil, Padraig & Teresa O’Brien, Enda & Margaret Broderick & Mary Hynes.  Following a few short few weeks observing how Beaver activity meetings were run by 10th Portumna, this intrepid group of Leaders returned to Abbey to run similar activity meetings for the eleven strong Beaver section.


So much seem to fall into place in those early days which helped us to get up and running The Abbey Community Trustee Group gave their blessing to hold all our activity meetings in the hall, Junie Lynch  (R.I.P. ) gave us use of her field for camps and activities, a number of successful fundraisers allowed us to purchase tents and uniforms to make us feel well and truly scouty!  Finally, the support of Brendan Ultan & Dick from 10th Portumna, and in later years Thomas & Danny from 6th Killimor and David and Darren, 27th Carrabane was tremendous which gave us that lift when needed.  All of us have lovely memories of County Camps, Family Fun Days, Masterchef nights and many other shared activity events with our neighbouring groups.

30th Galway Abbey Duniry Scout Group

30th Galway Abbey Duniry Scout Group has currently 4 sections:

Beaver Scout Section 6- 8 years
Cub Scout Section 9- 11 years
Scout Section 12 – 15 years
Venture Section 16 – 18 years

Space does not allow us to reminisce too much or to mention year by year progress and activities of our group but they are recorded elsewhere for our grand-children’s scrapbook ! Suffice to say that we have had a tremendous decade where every year brought new and more exciting challenges for our Scouters and Scouts – possibly in more surprising ways than one! Our first camp in our local field  in Abbey in Oct 2007 has led us to a week long camp in Germany 2016, a Scout Group of seventeen in 2007 has grown to eighty -five in 2017, from climbing Ben Hill in 2007 we climb Carrantouhill in 2017, from attending county camp as a fun weekend in 2008 we represent Co Galway at National Camp competition in 2017 and so on.  Thank you to our community of parents, sponsors and friends for their unyielding support throughout the decade. Thank you to our great leaders whose talents, training, time and commitment has formed the back bone of the group. But to our youth, we thank you for enabling us to get 30th Galway on the Scouting World Globe, we thank you for the fun, memories and achievements you have earned and we pray that in return that you have been instilled with self confidence and positive self esteem which is at the core of what we are all about. Here’s to the next decade!

About Scouting

Scouting is a World Wide Organisation which is in existence for over a hundred years. The focus in Scouting is to lay a foundation for building personal confidence and positive self- esteem in young children.

This is achieved through games and activities which have at their core the exploration of the world around us, learning to respect our environment and the community of people with whom we engage with every day.

It’s a fantastic organisation for children to meet and make lifelong friends and of course have lots of fun

A non-formal educational experience

Scouting is a non-formal educational experience that is firmly rooted in the experiential educational model.

What does this mean?

Formal education is highly structured and is provided in the primary, secondary and college education system that we are all familiar with.

Non-formal education is learning through fun, adventure, discovery for ourselves, interaction & experience. The word non-formal is not to be confused with informal!



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